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Tricks for buying coins smart for TOTY

Monday is the start of TOTY and during Team of the Year EA is paying extra attention to people buying FIFA Coins. Here are 2 smart ways to buy coins.

1: Buy a big amount of FIFA Coins using comfort trade

Need a big amount of coins for the start of TOTY? Simply buy a few million coins using comfort trade, when you use our supplier IGVault this is mostly done in 10 minutes. After the process is done, use all your coin to buy players and if EA has noticed you will get a message  that your coins are removed within 2 days. After the message sell your players and you will have millions of coins to use, risk free! You can also buy 100k coins or so, this mostly won’t get noticed anyway.

2: Player auction

You can also list players and have our suppliers buy the player off you. It’s HIGHLY recommended to only list decent gold players and to not buy more then 50k coins a day using this method.


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