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It’s about time for FIFA 20! We know its release date, we know it’s poached the Champions League license from rival football game PES, and we know it will feature the third and final chapter of Alex Hunter’s story in The Journey. Here is some more Info about FIFA 20, let’s discover it with IGVault together!

Second Player Markers

PES 2018‘s best improvements was a grey marker above the currently selected second player when defending. This allows you to know which second man will press and which player you’ll switch to should you press L1 / LB. IGVault has notice that, EA taken the idea and put it into FIFA 20.

Running Patterns

You can now tell your full-backs what kind of runs to make when on the attack. Here is the IGVault suggestion: Go into the player instructions tab of team management and you’ll see a new option to tell full-backs to overlap the winger or underlap into the center of the pitch.

Defensive Positioning

IGVault have notice that another new player instruction option is the ability to tell a central midfielder to cover the wing or the center of the park.

Mini-Map Magic

Hint from IGVault: One team’s players will now have triangular icons–as opposed to the standard circular ones–on the mini-map for quicker and easier identification between your teammates and opponents.

Plan Ahead

Game plans are a new feature in FIFA 20 that allow you to configure alternate tactical options before the match. This means you can now have separate game plans for when you’re 1-0 down and need to go on the offensive–pushing full-backs up and having more players flood the box, for example–and for when you’re 2-0 up and want to protect your lead. Once you’ve made your plans, you simply use the d-pad in-game to change to your other pre-meditated systems. Unfortunately, this means all-out attack and park the bus no longer exist as in-game options.

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