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When an important FIFA event such as the World Cup or UEFA Cup comes along, it’s not just fun and excitement for the fans, but also opportunities galore for them to make some serious money. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the ways to cash in on your status as a FIFA fan.

Uploading Gaming Videos Online

Playing FIFA on a gaming console and getting paid for the same is a job most football fans would love to have. To the envy of die-hard FIFA fans who have to put up with routine desk jobs for their bread and butter, there are some individuals who have made a career out of knowing the ins and outs of FIFA. These are people who record their video gameplays and upload them to video sharing sites such as YouTube, and make money of the adverts served to viewers.

Reselling Accommodation

You can rent your private space to like-minded football fans, provided your residence is close to the match venue. Visiting soccer fans would probably grab your offer with both hands as rentals at traditional lodging facilities such as hotels tend to go up during busy sporting seasons. And besides making some extra cash, you’ll have genuine FIFA fans to share your game excitement and amateurish commentary with, making a double-win situation for you in the end.

Selling Merchandise

The amount of money football players and clubs makes by actually playing the sport is almost on the same level as the earnings that flow in courtesy advertisements and sponsorship deals. FIFA player jerseys and other merchandise are something fans would love to purchase. For instance, during the football World Cup in 2010, many fans reportedly bought a unique variation of the flute, called the vuvuzela, which they used during the matches. Though the sound the flute made annoyed quite a few fans in the stadium, the seller was not complaining as he made some serious money selling those vuvuzelas.

Promoting Brands

If you’ve taken up your status as a seasoned FIFA fan to a professional level and have a good amount of followers on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may cash in on that self-built popularity. Brands and companies that often associate with FIFA like to make their brand’s presence felt through football teams and players. And if they don’t make the cut with them, they often resort to some less expensive but equally effective forms of advertising, which is using fans to promote their goods and services. If you strike such a deal with a particular brand, you could be asked to tweet about the brand, or prominently feature the brand in your forthcoming personal images or videos.