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IGVault FIFA 20 Carryover Transfer Guide

FIFA 20 is coming very soon, many players have already pre-ordered FIFA 20 or planned to buy it. If you haven’t purchased FIFA 20 yet, now you can visit to get it with the best price, or participate IGVault FIFA 20 Giveaway to win FIFA 20 for free!

One thing worth considering is that certain FIFA 18 items can be transferred to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. Read IGVault FIFA 20 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team to avoid unnecessary spending. This Guide from IGVault will explain what you’ll keep from the previous game, what you need to do to switch to FUT 20 and how FIFA points transaction works. No matters if you are an FUT regular gamer or fresh to the game, keep up with IGVault as we will bring you right up to date with what is going and provide you the cheapest FIFA coins!

Transferable Items:

Established Date: whether you are an FUT Founder or your club was established this time last year, your established date will remain the same in FIFA 20.

FUT Club Name: When you start FIFA 20 for the first time you’ll be asked if you wish to change it or just leave it the same. If you choose yes you can keep it, if you choose no you’ll be creating a new name and the old one will be available for other people to use.

XP Level: the system that measures how experienced you are in the FIFA universe, you’re going to maintain on FIFA 20 the XP you have at the time. Maintaining your XP will give you some advantage over the beginners because you’ll have access to several EASFC Catalogue items they don’t.

FC Credits: FC Credits (Football Club Credits; FCC) is the coin used on EA Sports Football Club, it can be used to purchase EASFC Catalogue items and it’s linked to your Origin account but not directly related to the FIFA you’re playing. It is very necessary to save some FCC to purchase coin boost items, because they are incredibly useful at the start of FIFA 20. IGVault will be your best choice for purchasing Credits.

FIFA Points: FIFA Points are an alternative to coins that are used to purchase FUT packs in the store or enter FUT Drafts. If you don’t intend to spend all your FIFA Points on FUT 18, you can transfer them to FUT 20 until December 31, 2018. You can even buy some FIFA Points by the end of FUT 18 so you can use it in the FUT 20 release date, since it won’t be purchasable during the FIFA 20 Web App Webstart period. You can buy it with best price at IGVault. However, this is a one-time transfer, you should be careful about it.

You can transfer the things above to the FIFA 20, but sadly, you CAN’T bring those following parts: Coins, Cards, EASFC Catalogue Items, Match History, Record and Leaderboard, Current Division, Xbox Achievements or PSN Trophies.

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