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A new FIFA Season has started and we are already getting plenty of e-mails asking us, how to not get banned buying FIFA 20 Coins from one of our suppliers. Now the hard truth is that, there is always a risk of getting banned while buying coins. You should note that the first 2 offences do not lead towards a total ban, but only a coin wipe!

So how not to get banned?

Don’t buy Coins on a new account, play at least 50 games before buying FIFA Coins!

Sell players that are used quite often in FUT Teams for a little over the normal price. Our suppliers will cover the cost of the card as they will resell it instant and you are left over with the profit. This can only be done manually through the “player auction” method.

So how does this work?

  1. Buy 10.000 coins at one of our suppliers
  2. Sell a often used player with a card value of 10k for 20k (preferably gold or better)
  3. The suppliers buys it for 20k and sells it for its card value 10k
  4. The left over 10k is yours and you will stay under the radar

We recommend using this method at a max of 5 times a day at a max of 50k coins a day. While doing this method, make sure your coins are invested in other players you want to use or trade, so if a coin wipe happens, you will lose nothing!

Comfort Trade

When you use Comfort Trade you trust one of our suppliers with your login details. We recommend this method when you are buying 200k+ coins as the automatic system of our suppliers will place them on your account quickly. After retrieving the coins INSTANTLY spend them on players, because a COIN WIPE happens quite often when buying such amount of coins. When you spend the coins instantly a coin wipe will not hurt you, because you have no coins that can be whipped! And you are left over with a great team!


The comfort trade method on the website fifautstore.com is the most safe between all our coin suppliers, but also it’s in general slower and it cost more, but well, if you don’t want to worry about getting banned, simply use the comfort trade method provided by fifautstore.com! You can find the link down on this page, with a discount code!